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Hulda Hakon

From the start of her career, Hulda Hakon has diplayed a knack for presenting everyday life as a heroic enterprise, her works commemorating small victories, mishaps or just curious incidents in tableaux, images and text that show them to be, in their small way, quite as dramatic and noteworthy as what has more traditionally been the subject of memorials and monuments. Reliefs and paintings on cut out board, emblazoned with both images and text, are a large part of her early output and together form a loose narrative of characters and events. [... ] Hulda Hakon's later works have become increasingly sculptural and she has also exhibited texts without images, works in which the texts themselves have been promoted to the place of the image or sculptural objects. Far from repeating themselves they have also developed an increased urgency and political directness which - given Hulda's evident tolerance for human foibles - we would do well take seriously.  
-written by Jon Proppé

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